This blog has been moved!

September 20, 2006

Hello, if you are reading this, you are still subscribed to our old blog. So, please unsubscribe from this blog and come over and visit us at

Our new RSS feed is at

We have permanently moved over there, so please do come and visit!


Our company site has been launched … … Have a look :)

Yes! We are now up and running… Thanks to all who believed in us :)

Look out for more news here! Btw, we are hiring! [ Shameless promotion ;) ]

If you

  • know .Net/C#/VB.Net/ASP.Net
  • understand jargon like AJAX/Atlas/SOAP/REST
  • have minimum 2 years of hands-on experience on .Net projects [more is always welcome]
  • maintain an active blog
  • optionally love to share knowledge on UGs and newsgroups
  • zealous to learn new stuff like WCF/WPF/WinFX
  • willing to work at our Bangalore office
  • looking for an exciting team to work on latest and the best technologies

Where were u all these days ;) We are looking for people just like you … Just rush your resumes to us and we will get back to you asap.

Else if you know someone who fits this requirement, please let them know :)

More soon…